Words of Support and Strategy for the Safe Seat Caucus

Yesterday, I called on the Safe Seat Democrats to stand up, in an organized fashion, and become the face of the resistance. Miraculously, someone else must have the same idea, because yesterday, there was a Father’s Day campaign by a few Safe Seaters to protest the Trump policy of child separation and asylum-seeker detention. Seven Democrats visited a detention center in New Jersey, and it was all over Twitter and The Daily News. The Congressional Democratic Hispanic Caucus visited a detention center in San Diego, per the Hollywood Reporter. Nancy Pelosi was with them. The next headline was “Networks Rush to Cover Border Story.” EXACTLY.

This is great. I’m really proud of you guys. Direct action looks very good on you. So sexy I wanna donate to your inessential re-election campaign. I’m just very happy to see Safe Seat Dems doing concerted action, and I want you to know I see you out there.

Here’s the thing. You gotta keep it up. Moms Demand Action and the Parkland teens are just a reminder of what Dems/the left have known all along: Campaigns work. Today, it’s 15 Dems here, tomorrow: 15 Dems there. The actions need to be rolling, they need to get coverage, they need to be smart and sympathetic. There are so many shitty things happening right now that it’s shooting fish in a barrel to find a good idea for a collective action. We also need funny call-outs on social media, rapid response snark, and amplified moral righteousness. Have you heard that tape of kids crying in the detention center? (I haven’t, because I am a giant wuss and I know that I will cry and drink a whole bottle of rose to fight the sadness) GET ON IT!

I can recommend a dozen good organizers who can sketch out this campaign for you. But for today, thank you for not being polite and for just showing up and bearing witness. That’s what we elect you to do. Keep it up (and bring Barbara Lee with you next time.)

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