Tips and Tricks for “Finding the Time”

This is my June To Do List.

Everyone is so busy these days. So busy, they can’t get anything done. People who brag about how busy they are have become some of my least favorite people (after conservative Supreme Court justices and the regime they enable, of course). Meanwhile, everyone is impressed by the fact that I do as much as I do. Sometimes, when I’m not lamenting my unproductive dawdling, I even impress myself. How does she do it? they whisper (in my Walter Mitty-esque fantasy).

I’ve been thinking about how I do it today because I finished a few of my monthly goals early. It made me realize that I had made certain tasks out to be monstrous which were, in fact, manageable. For example, I needed to revise a novel this month, and I decided to cover 9 pages per day for 20 days (180 pages). Thirty days seemed like a slog; twenty days meant I could slip a few times and it would be fine. I did it in 10 days. I still need to enter my handwritten changes, but that’s much easier. As you can see from my To Do list above, I’ve reserved special check box for that. I also completed three case decisions this month, and blogged almost every day. I still have four days left to complete the other tasks, and I feel confident I will.

The Big To Do List is a great guide for seeing what tools I use to “find the time.”

  • You need to set a high level goal. I’ve got 4 up there, and that’s what I’m working on this year (at a minimum).
  • I also track tasks, appointments and ideas all on one single page. This is basically sloppy bullet journaling. Putting a task on this list, and obsessively checking the list, really helps stuff happen. Again, it’s very rewarding to make that checkmark, and I never want to go to bed until I’ve checked them all.
  • Any small goal will do. Ten minutes of mediation sounds impossible to me, but I bet I could do a minute a day. Five minutes of writing quickly becomes ten or twenty.

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