The Power of the The Big To Do List

My July 2018 Big To Do List

I know I sound like a broken record on the topic of setting goals. I talked about “finding the time” to write before, but I need to hammer on it again. This month, I set a whole bunch of new and aggressive goals. I had reached a lot of my goals last month, and it was very rewarding. I got lots of new readers and made 98 cents from Medium and got something accepted for publication (I’ll tell you next month what it is). It felt great.

That’s my new list above. Although I created the goals on June 30, the Big To Do List above was written today. Notice how NOTHING is checked off. It’s July forking 11 and I haven’t done anything. I can forgive myself a little. I’ve been working or traveling a lot this month, and spending a week vegetating in the warm sun and cool air of Maine is not conducive to workaholism.

Still, I need that Big To Do List looming over me to kick start my engine. Step one was to write this blog post. Boom! There’s a check mark! Now I have 20 days to kick that To Do list’s butt.

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