This was the harvest from our garden today, plus pasta that I made with my son and nieces. That’s the first peach of the season and the two little padrones were delicious quickly heated in a frying pan with olive oil and salt.

This picture gave me so many ideas to write about. My heart felt full and happy for my beautiful yard and the beautiful kids who helped me enjoy it today. I felt thankful for my hippie parents and their homesteading ways.

Last night, our very good friends hosted a dinner party. Just for grown-ups. We don’t get to have grown-up dinner parties very much these days, but as our kids are getting older and we can be friends with people because we love them and not because our friends are kids, we have space in our lives for this kind of thing.

Two of my friends, women I really love, said, “I haven’t seen you in so long!” I immediately felt upset with myself for not having done a better job staying connected. My foot has been hurt for the past couple of months, so our walks and hikes are on hiatus. I’m cutting down on alcohol so going out for drinks doesn’t appeal to me. I’m rarely motivated to catch a movie on a school night, plus I don’t get to talk to my friends during the movie anyway.

Here’s why this story is connected to my garden haul. Looking at the fruits and veggies and pile of pasta, I saw a metaphor sitting on the counter. The only things that grow are the things that you tend. You reap what you sow. I can’t let a limit on my activities limit my efforts to be with friends. If I want strong friendships, I need to tend to them as well as I tend my little garden plot.

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