Earlier this month, I wrote about the word queerspawn, and what I thought about it. I’m working on a replacement name for the offspring of gays and lesbians that doesn’t conjure infection or insects (“spawn”). Although I’ve only seen the word used affectionately by COLAGs (not a good replacement, I’ve decided), it reminded at least two people of the word “breeder,” another term that is used derisively.

Breeders are people who have children, and it primarily referred to heterosexuals. It reduced people to their childbearing possibilities, something that has annoyed women for centuries. It also failed to acknowledge the many gays and lesbians who had children, and who were isolated from their communities because they wouldn’t abandon their children or their parenting identity. Anyway, “breeder.” I don’t like that word either.

As I mentioned above, I considered the word “colag” but it sounds fake and also like someone who is lagging along with you. Whatever that means.

Right now, my best term for children of gays and lesbians is “treasure.” That’s what you find at the end of the rainbow, right? A pot of gold, a magical treasure. That’s what gay and lesbian parents think their children are, and we should be treasured by society.

I’ll keep working on it, but for now, I like to think of myself as a treasure, and not as queerspawn.

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