This is a baby chameleon I am very seriously considering getting for myself. If I am going to be carrying my own reusable dishes with me, I figure I should just lean hard into the eccentricity of it all.

Grocery day is by far the worst for facing the truth about this goal. EVERYTHING is in plastic packaging. I mean, I could make my own croutons, sure, but I do not have time to do that before I go out of town tomorrow, and everyone wants Caesar salad for dinner tomorrow night. I was buying the croutons to avoid the packaging involved in the Caesar Salad Kit, but who am I kidding. I had to pay three times as much to get Romaine lettuce that was NOT in a bag. There’s already Caesar dressing at home, thank goodness, but of course it’s in plastic.

And that’s just one G-D salad for one G-D meal.

While I was waiting in line to check out, my friend sent me a link to Unboxed Market, a store in Toronto that is a Zero Waste market. If you live in Toronto, please do a field trip for me, and don’t forget to bring your own containers. I’ll need a full report. Maybe I’ll visit you if it’s really good!

In other innovation news, another friend sent me a video about CleanCult, which is a system for eliminating waste in the cleaning supply process. It looks very cool, but I fear it’s beyond most people’s cleaning supply budget. I’ll have to run the numbers….

It’s a short post because I spent most of the day burning fossil fuels to move my kids around to their various interests. Snakes to the north, planes to the south, and may they never meet in the middle.

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