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A lot of people seemed interested in the Waste Free Kitchen Handbook that I wrote about the other day, so I thought I would share a few other books and blogs that got me thinking about how to approach plastic reduction (and zero waste).

A great place to start is Bea Johnson’s book Zero Waste Home. She also has a blog on her website. There are lots of other books called Zero Waste but this is the only one I read and there was plenty in it to get me thinking.

I learned about Johnson’s book from a friend but I also saw it referenced on Tiny Crash Can. I started following the woman who keeps that blog on Instagram, where she weekly posted a tiny little jar of trash and explained how she got her waste down to almost nothing. It was fascinating, but also like following a supermodel who is back in a size 0 two weeks after giving birth to triplets. No way I can do that, I thought.

There are lots of zero waste experts out there. Here’s an article I found about nine who post on Instagram. You can also follow #zerowaste.

Both the New York Times and the Boston Globe have recently run articles about Zero Waste or zero packaging, and they each had a few good ideas. Start anywhere is really best advice I can think of. Suddenly you find yourself googling not only toothpaste recipes but also mint extract recipes so that you can make the mint extract to put in the homemade toothpaste recipe.

And yes, my husband appears to be straining to smile through this project.

But in fairness, we have a lot of mint growing in the backyard, and I don’t have any other uses for it at the moment.

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