This post isn’t about me. I am traveling today and consciously decided to accept that I cannot yet be totally zero waste during cross-country travel. I looked at my little utensil carrier while I was packing and left it on my desk. It has a knife in it. I was literally too lazy to just leave the knife out. Also, it was very early this morning and just taking the knife out didn’t occur to me. My brain doesn’t work too well some times.

This post is about the growing ubiquity of zero waste. When I got through security, the first stop was the water bottle filling station that Oakland Airport has installed. There were lines of both travelers and TSA staff waiting patiently to fill their water bottles. It warmed my heart. I filled my water bottled and headed toward my gate.

But first, a stop in the Ladies’ Room. What’s this? A young woman cleaning her silverware and a Mason jar in the sink. No one paying her the least bit of attention. When I came out to wash my hands, she was packing up and washing her own hands. Instead of snarking at the righteousness of it, my heart warmed further. It’s not a moment, it’s a movement.

Oh and now the pilot of my flight is in the aisle doing calisthenics. That’s not zero waste, it’s just adorable.

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