It’s the little things that count

This week’s produce box

This week’s produce box arrived in the wee hours of the morning so quietly that the dog didn’t wake up and bark. That’s the first small blessing. The second was this one:

I haven’t gotten around to asking them to make that a choice for other buyers, but if you get Farm Fresh to You delivered, you should know it’s an option. I’ll email them today.

My third small gratitude: all the friends who have been inspired to do their own outreach to their favorite businesses, asking them to reconsider their plastic usage. I don’t think that each individual choice makes a huge difference, but I think our voices amplified by speaking in unison will be heard. One friend reports that the two businesses she reached out to both said they are working to reduce plastic in their packaging. Let’s reward the companies who actually do that with our business, refuse the plastic from the companies who won’t and reduce our consumption overall.

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