By Fibonacci Blue from Minnesota, USA — Women against Donald Trump, CC BY 2.0,

Every woman I know is freaking out. I could be saying that any day of this presidency, right? But specifically I’m talking about the day when Joe Arpaio’s right-hand woman is going to cross-examine Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and we might be subjected to an untold number of triggering sex crimes-slash-hijinks prep school tales.

No one’s ready for this kind of thing, but here are some tips to get through the day. You can use this advice on other days, but I strongly advise you do one or more of these today:

Good luck getting through the day, and if you are personally dealing with trauma or its aftermath, I wish you all the love and strength you need. At least you aren’t being cross-examined by Kamala Harris, and hopefully Brett Kavanaugh is!

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