Checking In On My 2019 Resolutions

Things Didn’t Go As I’d Planned but I’m Happy With the Results

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  1. One sewing project per month. No idea if I accomplished this. I made a blouse, a couple of pillowcases, some coasters, a dress, and a few purses. I’m not sure why I insist on turning every hobby into a life enrichment goal. The point of my hobbies is to enjoy them, and I enjoy sewing. I’ll do it whether it’s a goal or not.
  2. Read a book for 10 minutes each day. I tried to track this and failed miserably. I don’t read in 10-minute spurts. I read in fits and starts, devouring a whole book quickly and then reading only my phone for several weeks. According to my journal, I read the following in 2019: Black Leopard, Red Wolf, Marlon James; The Wife, Meg Wolitzer; The Library Book, Susan Orleans; Zero Waste Home, Bea Johnson; Wishcraft, Barbara Sher; How to Write a Business Plan, NOLO Press; Citizen, Claudia Rankine; Dreyer’s English, Benjamin Dreyer; The Grown-Up’s Guide to Teenage Humans; The Cost of Living, Deborah Levy; The Power, Naomi Anderson; Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, John LeCarre; My Year of Rest and Relaxation, Ottessa Moshfegh; The Seas, Samantha Hunt; The Perfect Spy, John LeCarre; Fleischman Is In Trouble, Taffy Brodesser-Akner. That seems like a more-than-adequate amount of reading.
  3. Break up with my phone. This didn’t happen. AT ALL.
  4. Reduce drinking. I think this happened but I didn’t end up tracking it so I’m not really sure.
  5. Drive my car less frequently. Again, this may or may not have happened but I can tell you that tracking your mileage every day is a huge pain in the ass, and it’s easier to just keep my bike near the garage door so I don’t have to hunt it down every time I decide to ride it.
  6. Add back 2 days of exercise each week. I did pretty well with this one, but two days a week is a low bar. I was pretty consistently active this year.
  7. Gonna push harder on spousal dates this year. We didn’t go on as many dates as I hoped in 2019, but we did go away together for ten days to Italy, and that made up for a lot of missed time together. I just hate how life gets in the way of the people we love.

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