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Amy Cooper is the woman who recently called the police in New York City to report that an “African-American man” was threatening her, when in fact, he was birdwatching, concerned that her unleashed dog was aggravating wildlife. Amy Cooper was blatantly caught violating a posted park regulation and her reaction…

How to Maintain or Improve Spousal Relations in the Age of COVID-19

Our family of four humans (two middle-aged parents, two teenaged boys) and eight pets (dog, cat, frog, gecko, chameleon and three snakes) have been sheltering in place for eleven days now. The early days of anxiety and uncertainty are behind us; we’ve downgraded to mere worry and boredom. Overall, things…

Self-improvement the easy way

It has long been my practice to share my New Year's resolutions with my friends and readers. I make several every year in the categories you would expect: eating, fitness, romance, reading, writing. One year, I made 33 resolutions, including such gems as “start a denim undies company.” …

Andrea Laiacona Dooley

I write, parent, arbitrate, not necessarily in that order. Please subscribe to my newsletter: https://tinyletter.com/AndreaLD

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