Andrea Laiacona Dooley

Jan 2, 2018

2 min read

2018 New Year’s Resolutions

Well, it’s the first business day of the year, which means it’s time to start making a few New Year’s resolutions, and sharing them so that my friends can keep me accountable. 2017 was a terrible year overall, but it good one for me keeping my resolutions. The problem is, I don’t feel like a page has turned and a new year has dawned. The arbitrariness of the day is evident; the same problems exist, the same dynamics are in play. I think that means I need to cultivate a spirit of hopefulness and appreciation, although that’s probably not reflected in these resolutions. Anyway, here they are:

  1. Make a regular schedule of dates with my husband. He has two trials this year, which means that he will be working constantly. The only way to ensure we stay connected is to be mindful about spending time together. The years when we do this, we get along great; the years we don’t, I wonder why I am married. We have enough challenges without disconnecting from one another, so this is top of the list.
  2. I plan on revising my memoir one more time, and then revising my novel. When the memoir is revised, I plan to start querying for an agent. The goal is to be rejected 100 times. Framing it as a rejection goal will force me to keep submitting even if it’s scary and painful. If I can’t find an agent or publisher after 100 rejections, then I will self-publish. Meanwhile, I will keep writing.
  3. I need a parenting goal, but I haven’t figured out how to articulate it. I need patience, mindfulness, time with my kids separately and together. I need to learn how to parent teenagers. These are all true, and because they are so big and necessary, they are not conducive to a goal statement. I’d love people’s thoughts and ideas on this.

I have a lot of other irons in the fire (my law practice, my public service commitment, my writing group), so I am going to stop here. Please let me know your resolutions too!

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