No matter how infrequently I blog, I always come back at the end of the year to review my resolutions and make some new ones. Here’s the 2017 Year in Review. The original post is here.

1. MY IMMORTAL SOUL: I was supposed to visit ONE Church in Oakland in 2017 and it didn’t happen. That means it’s time to put aside my idea that I’m going back to church. The older I get, the further organized religion appears to be from the teachings of Jesus Christ, and I just can’t make space in my life for that. JC is another matter, but I won’t find Him in church either.

2. CREATIVITY: I did everything I set out to do for this one. I revised my memoir, found a writing group, and wrote a new novel in November. I also started writing a children’s book series.

3. MY PHYSICAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: I was going to skip alcohol from Sunday evening until Friday afternoon, unless I was attending a social event. I didn’t do this one perfectly, but I definitely cut my drinking in half this year, and although the holidays messed it up, I feel like I have changed my habit pretty well.

4. FAMILY: I didn’t get people to cook with me once a month, and I am struggling to decide whether you can even set family goals. I don’t think Mom ideas go over well, so I don’t think I’ll lead the charge on this.

5. FRIENDS: I definitely showed up for my friends this year, and they showed up for me when I needed them. I won’t go into details, but a lot of people went through a lot of weighty shit this year, and I’m glad I could be there when they needed me.

6. THE WORLD AT LARGE: After a few different volunteer opportunities in the political realm, I’ve decided that my energies for the next couple of years will be as a member of the Oakland Police Commission, an appointed volunteer position with the new civilian oversight board.

My self-assessment of my goals is that I did 4 of them really well, and 2 of them didn’t happen, so the lowest score I can give myself is 67%, which is better than last years 51%. However, I feel like the church one was only worth 10% and the family dinner one was maybe worth 15%, so I’m giving myself an overall score of 75%. I have until Tuesday to make my new goals, so stay tuned! And Happy New Year!

I write, parent, arbitrate, not necessarily in that order. Please subscribe to my newsletter:

I write, parent, arbitrate, not necessarily in that order. Please subscribe to my newsletter: